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How I Regained Control of My Practice

When I began my clinical practice, I put in lot of commitment to make it work. This helped me to build a successful practice. Yet, despite this success, I was constantly tired and overburdened keeping up with patient files. The long hours I put in at the office, particularly the administrative functions and patient reports, often spilled over into valuable family time.

The details of overseeing a busy office were wearing me down. Even though I kept up to date, used excellent scheduling software and employed highly-competent staff, nothing seemed to mesh as many of my team’s efforts appeared to be duplicated or overlapping. I knew there ought to be a better way.

Fed up with the existing and cumbersome dental practice software systems I was using, I decided to hire a development team to build a cloud-based platform .What’s more, I wanted a software platform that behaved the way dentists work and think from a clinical perspective. What I wanted was something intuitive that could be used seamlessly by everyone in my clinic. The result is Thankyoudentist.

I have been using Thankyoudentist as the cornerstone of my practice and I’ve reduced my operating costs significantly. What’s more, I no longer rely on secretaries to run my practice. It’s ironic how this new venture has alleviated all the major paperwork burden in my practice, but has led to a more ambitious undertaking – building a highly disruptive software company that will fundamentally transform the way dentists work and manage their practices.

Dr.G.Rajesh Kannan BDS
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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