Common questions we receive from new Thankyoudentist users

What types of practitioners use Thankyoudentist?

Thankyoudentist has been designed to work great for solo practioners, single-discipline clinics, and multi-disciplinary/integrated clinics.

Does Thankyoudentist work on both Macs and PCs?

Absolutely.Thankyoudentist works brilliantly on Macs, PCs and all mobile devices (Android and iOS), even if you use a range of different devices within the same clinic.

How secure is my data?

Thankyoudentist uses the exact same level of encryption as your web banking. Information is encrypted when sent between your computer/device and Thankyoudentist servers, and from device to device. And no access to patient data remains on your computer or mobile device after you close the Thankyoudentist windows.

How does my existing clinic data get into Thankyoudentist?

Simply provide your existing data to the Thankyoudentist team and we'll import it for you free of charge.

Whar are system requirements?

There are not any specific restrictive system requirements.

You can run Thankyoudentist under any operating system.

You need an Internet browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Explorer, etc.

Does Thankyoudentist work offline?

Thankyoudentist doesn’t offer offline functionality because we know that double booking and other errors can occur when multiple users are making changes to the same database.

Does it take long to learn?

We are aiming at the system being so intuitive that it would not require any special training.

We think that any computer literate person should be able to work out how to use it very quickly.

Can you help me get started?

Yes we can. One of the great things about Thankyoudentist is that it is fast and easy to get things up and running. But, if you do happen to have questions along the way or if you need any help, our friendly support staff is standing by, ready to assist you by allmeans.

What happens if my clinic loses its internet connection?

If your clinic’s wifi or internet access suddenly disappears, don’t worry. You can still access Thankyoudentist on any mobile device, like a tablet or smart phone. You can also "tether" your wifi-enabled tablet or phone to a laptop and pull up the Thankyoudentist website that way.

I am from a different country. How about installation and training?

For online software no installation is required. Thankyoudentist is very easy to use. With a basic computer knowledge, your staff can easily learn. However we provide online training free of cost.

How long are your contracts?

Customers are with on yearly basis.We doesn’t lock anyone into lengthy contracts because we bet you’ll stick with Thankyoudentist because you love the features, the ease and the price – not because you’re stuck in a contract.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refund for subscription once taken.

What about updates? Will I have to purchase the software again?

Once you buy the software, you are automatically entitled to all updates for free.

Who created the clinical content within Thankyoudentist?

The Clinical Team consists of dentist and distinguished individuals who have created the libraries and point-of-care support information that gives Thankyoudentist its distinctive character and its underlying value.

Does software has SMS and Email facility?

Yes. You can configure the SMS or E-mail as you want. It will be automatically send as per the schedule.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes we offer free trial.

Who owns the data and what happens if I decide to quit?

The data is owned by you. We are only custodians who securely store it for you and provide you a secure access to it. If you ever decide to stop using Thankyoudentist, we are obliged by law to return the data to you.

What if I open another clinic? Can I change my plan later on?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade plans at any time. The change will take effect immediately after you have paid the difference in case of an upgrade. In case of a downgrade, the change will come into effect from the next billing cycle.

How do I sign up for an account?

You can create your account here, or contact us to set it up with a Thankyoudentist Representative.

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